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Constitution for Eyam Pump Track Club

1. Name

The name of the group is Eyam Pump Track Club (EPTC). This is a non-profit making organisation.

2. Aims

The aims of Eyam Pump Track Club are:-

  • To bring together all people interested in biking and to provide a pump track for people to ride.

  • To promote biking and provide mutual support for members.

  • To raise money via grants and biking events to establish and maintain a village pump track in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


3. Membership

Membership is open to anyone who:is aged 16 and above.

  • lives in Eyam or the surrounding area

  • supports the aims of the Eyam Pump Track Club

  • Membership will begin as soon as a person registers interest to join the group via email/phone

  • A list of all members will be kept by the membership secretary.

Ceasing to be a member
Members may resign at any time by contacting the secretary.

Any offensive behaviour, including racist, sexist or inflammatory remarks, will not be permitted. Anyone behaving in an offensive way or breaking the equal opportunities policy may be asked not to attend further meetings or to resign from the group if an apology is not given or the behaviour is repeated. The individual concerned shall have the right to be heard by the management committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.

4. Equal Opportunities

Eyam Pump Track Club will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.

5. Committee

The business of the group will be carried out by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee will meet as necessary and at least once a year.

The Committee will consist of 4 members:

  • Chair, who shall chair both general and committee meetings

  • Secretary, who shall be responsible for recording and circulating of the minutes.

  • Membership Secretary, who shall be responsible for keeping records of members

  • Treasurer who shall be responsible for maintaining accounts.

In the event of an officer standing down during the year a replacement will be elected by the next General Meeting of members.

The Committee meetings will be open to any member of the Eyam Pump Track Club wishing to attend, who may speak but not vote.

6. Meetings

6.1. Annual General Meetings
An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held within fifteen months of the previous AGM.
All members will be notified in writing at least 3 weeks before the date of the meeting, giving the venue, date and time.
Nominations for the committee may be made to the Secretary before the meeting, or at the meeting.

At the AGM:-
The Committee will present a report of the work of the Eyam Pump Track Club
The Committee will present the accounts of Eyam Pump Track Club for the previous year.
The officers and Committee for the next year will be elected.
Any proposals given to the Secretary at least 7 days in advance of the meeting will be discussed.

6.2 General Meetings
General Meetings are open to all members and will be held at least once every 6 months or more often if necessary.
All members will be given two weeks’ notice of such a meeting, giving the venue, date,

7. Finances

An account will be maintained on behalf of the Club at a bank agreed by the committee. Three cheque signatories will be nominated by the Committee (one to be the Treasurer).  The signatories must not be related nor members of the same household.

All payments will be signed by two of the signatories.

    • For cheque payments, the signatories will sign the cheque.

    • For other payments (such as BACS payments, cash withdrawals, debit card payments or cash payments), a requisition note will be signed by two signatories, and held by the treasurer.

Records of income and expenditure will be maintained by the Treasurer and a financial statement given at each meeting.
All money raised by or on behalf of is Eyam Pump Track Club is only to be used to further the aims of the group, as specified in item 2 of this constitution.

8. Dissolution

If a meeting, by simple majority, decides that it is necessary to close down the group it may call a meeting to do so. The sole business of this meeting will be to dissolve the group.

If it is agreed to dissolve the group, all remaining money and other assets, once outstanding debts have been paid, will be donated to a local charitable organisation. The organisation will be agreed at the meeting which agrees the dissolution.

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